We Continue Our Services Non-stop at INGEVGDM

INGEVGDM keeps on offering a wide range of services in an attempt to support the entrepreneurs so that they can put different business ideas into practice, boost the capacity of their existing businesses and possess a sustainable businesses that contribute to the economy.

Over the course of the Corona Virus pandemic, we reinforced our infrastructure for teleworking and online services, in order to ensure the safety of our employees and beneficiaries of GDM and secure the continuity of our services.

Our Arabic Support Line received over 1000 calls in this period and replied the inquiries of the entrepreneurs in the fields of law, finance, employment, and incentives. In this period, we provided over 150 entrepreneurs with online consultancy services personally in the fields of law, finance, business development, sales and marketing.

We helped with the incorporation of 20 companies in information and communication technologies, creative industries, manufacturing, textile, construction and food industries, and we provide these companies with accounting and work permit assistance.